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We will start our journey traveling from Seville through the nearby town of Coria del Rio on the banks of the River Guadalquivir. We will travel to the visitor center Dehesa de Abajo, which is located in the northern area of the marshes. In this area, the pine forests and pastures have approximately 200,000 different inhabitants including 300 birds species, among those the Flamingo and Spanish imperial eagle. We will also pass a rice field, which is known for Europe’s largest colony of Storks.

We will continue our journey through the vast natural space of the northern area of the National park exploring the village of El Rocío, it´s chapel and the SEO Observatory. We have the opportunity to enter the palaces and walk along the Doñana National Park trails, near La Rocina stream. Spain´s largest dune system will get explored by you right after the lunch. On return, we can take advantage of the beautiful sunset through the pine forest in Asperillo area. We can also spot some of the large mammals inhabiting the Doñana area, including the deer, wild boar and, the most famous of all, the Lynx.

OBS! Excursion subject to availability and weather conditions. The tour can be modified to see more animals.

From Seville at the door of your accommodation or nearby place.
DEPARTURE TIME We leave from Seville at 07:00
Professional guide Transportation in Jeep (4×4)

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10th August 2018

A very memorable day
I will say at the start that I am a wildlife enthusiast. I could happily have stayed at the first lake we visited and watched the storks,egrets and herons all day. I had never seen a Squacco heron before. Our guide on this day trip was Anna who was not only astonishingly knowledgeable on birds, flowers and plants, but a lovely person and great company. She did her best to show us a lynx. They weren’t coming out that day but never mind. It just means we’ll have to come back again. El Rocio was very interesting, a bit like a Clint Eastwood movie set, but again, the bird life on the lake there was fantastic. Anna also took us to Acebrón Palace, built in the 1960s by the slightly eccentric Luis Espinosa Fondevilla as a residence and hunting lodge, and now the park visitors’ centre. Here she pointed out a bee-eater (because she heard its call), one of the most lovely birds you can ever see. We walked around the natural garden there and had a detailed explanation about cork-oak husbandry and the only native palm of Spain. We were taken to see the transdunes, moving dunes formed by the wind and found only here. We had a week in Seville. We crammed a great deal into our visit. Personally I would come back to Donana and stay there for a month! I would recommend this day out to anyone reading this if you love nature and especially if you are from UK or northern Europe as you will not have seen some of the birds that live here in great numbers. Lastly, and I hope someone at Naturanda Turismo Ambiental reads this, I want to thank Anna very much for being such a brilliant guide, bird-spotter, botanist, and physical geographer and for giving us a fantastic day out. Thank you.

30th July 2018

For the nature lovers
Such a lovely day out, a long one, but a lovely one all the same.

Unfortunately for us the Lynx were being a little shy and so we didn’t see any, but the birds, other animals, palaces, nature trails and beaches we did see, more than made up for this.

Ana was a brilliant guide: softly spoken, excellent English, extremely knowledgeable and a brilliant driver!

Our day started with our hotel pick-up, where we then went to have breakfast at the Stork Sanctuary – beautifully quiet.

We then spent the day going through the National Park trying to spot the lynx, to no avail, spent some time in El Rocio looking at the lagoon and the town. We then went on to the palaces and nature trail followed by lunch in a lovely little restaurant. (If you go, ask to eat the restaurant that is not on the beach, the one before the dunes)

Our day ended looking at and spending time on the dunes and beaches, dipped our toes in the Atlantic and then came home.

A long but thoroughly enjoyable day.

100% recommend!

12th July 2018

Great day!!
We went with Abraham the guide, and there were two other people on outlet trip. We were picked up in an old 4×4 which unfortunately broke down en route, but the company soon turned up with another car so we could continue our trip!

We saw lots of different birds, flamingos, storks, bee-eaters, black kites and a hoopoe and so on. Unfortunately no elusive lynx but I wasn’t really expecting to see one!

Abraham was really knowledgeable about Doñana. He took us through the pine forests in the car and by foot and we visited the hunting lodge/mansion! We briefly visited Rocio.

We also went to the sand dunes and the beach! He took us to this AMAZING fisherman’s shack/ restaurant where the family go out and catch the fish in the morning and grill it for you with fries or salad in the afternoon! There are other options for lunch elsewhere if you don’t like fish, but I’d really recommend going here.

We then had some free time to relax on the beach at Matascalañas after exploring the dunes a bit. Remember to take swimming stuff, because we didn’t and regretted it!

Lovely day! Would thoroughly recommend!

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