5 hours

This tour of the Buitreras Canyon, situated in El Colmenar de La Frontera in the province of Malaga, is an intermediate Canyoning trip of around 5 hours. Before touching the water, you will visit the Puente de Los Alemanes, a bridge that straddles the walls of the canyon, at a height of 60 meters above the river. From here, you will see part of the route you will take through the canyon, and start to get excited about the adventure that awaits you!

For this activity, a medium to high level of physical fitness and technical skill is required. You will be swimming and walking in some areas, and also doing abseiling down sections of rock face higher than 10 meters. You will do different jumps, from between 3 and 12 meters high. These jumps are optional.

See the descent of Buitreras Canyon, considered the most spectacular of the Andalusian canyons. Admire the different rock formations as you travel through the canyon. In some places, the canyon is so narrow that you can touch both walls at the same time, and in others, the rocky walls are more than 100 meters high. You will enjoy a unique experience in this rugged landscape!

Avda Santiago Apóstol, 29390 Cortes de la Frontera, Málaga
DURATION The tour is approximately 5 hours
LOW SEASON and PRIVATE GROUPS Subject to availability, low season (16 Sept. to 14 July.) and private groups need to be coordinated, call for more info.
RECOMMENDED ITEMS Your Footwear. IMPORTANT: bring a pair of socks for the canyoning! walking shoes or running shoes,

closed, with good adhesion in the sole. You can also rent our canyon shoes for this canyon. If you do not bring

socks and we have to supply you new ones there is a rate of +1€/p. Please, notice that AQUA SHOES are not

allowed for canyoning.

Water: For this ravine, you need a bottle of 1.5 l per person.

Food: a bottle of 1.5 l per person, 2 sandwiches, nuts (we will eat in the middle of the canyon).

Clothes: Come to the meeting point with the swimsuit already on. Change clothing (also underwear) and dry shoes/sandals for the end of the canyon. Sunscreen. Your medicine if you need it.

OPTIONAL Professional canyoning shoes: 9€/p

Transfer Service: ask for rates.

Dry socks: 1€/p

REQUIREMENTS It’s necessary to know how to swim, to be able to participate in this tour. You have to be dressed in your swimsuit at the meeting point!
INCLUDED – Wetsuite, Helmet, and Harness. Also a backpack to share with a waterproof box to place, if you wish, small

objects such as wallet, medication (…).

Professional canyoning guide, the highest international qualification and mandatory in most advanced autonomous communities, with collective material. Spanish, English and German.

Shoes for rent: if you are on vacation and you do not have the right footwear or you simply do not want to wet or

damage your new footwear, we offer you the option to rent it at +9€/p (our smaller shoe size is 35EUR). For this service we will need your shoe size in advance.

We will do a free photo report that you can download a few days after the activity.

OPTIONAL Professional canyoning shoes:  9€/p

Transfer Service: ask for rates.

Dry socks: 1€/p

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