Canyoning in the Buitreras Canyon

On this tour, you will be swim, walk and doing abseiling down sections of rock face higher than 10 meters. You will do different jumps, from between 3 and 12 meters
5 hours

Canyoning Rio Verde in Granada X-PRO

Rio Verde is located in Granada and offers the most beautiful jumps, sliding and rappel under a big waterfall!
7 Hours

3 Days Yoga & Relaxing retreat on private Ranch in Algar, With full pension!

The ultimate yoga and relaxing retreat in the rural Spain with full pension included!
3 Days

Sailing tour in Barcelona

Sail in the mediteranian sea on a 1970’s Classic Sailing Boat in Barcelona!
2,5 hours

Sunset horseback riding tour in Coín

At certain times of the year, the sunsets are particularly spectacular in this part of Spain and we organize an evening ride to a viewpoint to make the most of
3 Hours

Visit Gibraltar from Seville, transport included!

We will leave Seville around 8:30 am and aim to reach the border at around 11:30 am. Once we have crossed the border we will visit the main tourist attractions
8 Hours

Visit Doñana National Park from Seville

We will start our journey travelling from Seville through the nearby town of Coria del Rio on the banks of the River Guadalquivir. We will travel to the visitor centre

Visit Gibraltar from Malaga area, transport included

In this proud English colony, we will visit the Rock of Gibraltar. You will have the chance to interact with the amazing monkeys on top as well as visiting the
11 Hours
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