We all get very excited on the idea of visiting a new place, living new experiences and just having fun in general. We get so excited that sometimes we forget to pack a certain thing or we just don’t know what to pack. In this case, is packing for Barranco Blanco. Here are 5 great tips on what to pack, how to pack it and what to wear for this trip:

1. Footwear: First of all and this is important: the footwear. Barranco Blanco has a very rocky ground, and near the waters is very slippery. You need something comfortable, preferably hiking shoes or hiking boots. These shoes have a very stable and nonslippery sole. If you don’t have hiking footwear, you can wear sports trainers/sneakers, just make sure they are not flat on the sole, especially if the sole is plastic. For your safety do not use sandals, flip-flops or any type of shoe that exposes the foot.  Oh! and also keep in mind that your feet will get wet on the tour.

2. Clothing: This is much easier, just make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes. You can wear shorts or long pants, but not jeans, anything made out of denim will make you less flexible and movable. For tops wear anything you want. Don’t forget to bring your swimwear already on, under your clothes.

3. How to pack: Bring a backpack, that will make everything much easier for you. Preferably a waterproof backpack, or if you don’t have one you can also acquire a smaller waterproof bag that you can put on your backpack. This will keep your belongings dry, keep in mind you will be around water. You will need to keep your phone, wallet, cameras, etc safe.

4. What to pack: You can bring anything you think you’ll need. Just don’t overpack, just bring what is necessary. We recommend you bring a hat or cap, sunscreen, sunglasses; to protect yourself from the sun. Towels, extra clothes, extra socks; if you don’t want to be wet on the way back. Your ID, personal belongings, just the necessities; remember the lighter you are, the easier and faster you can walk. Remember to bring water and snacks for the breaks.