The weather in Spain

The weather in Spain is generally great for adventure experiences, But what can you expect from the different regions weather wise?

Spain is a big country and is divided into 3 different weather sections.

1. Mediterranean climate – also known as ”Dry summer climate” – This is the climate that you will find in the South of Spain. The area is typical very dry with long warm summers. Perfect for adventure hikes up in the mountains, working on your tan on the beach and water experiences. We have lot’s of adventure tours in this area, and are constantly expanding our assortment.

2. Continental climate – This is the climate you’ll find in the central part of Spain. It characterized by mainland climate, with high-temperature variations between summer and winter. This area has some great culture experiences and is also home to the capital of Spain, Madrid.

3. Oceanic climate – which is in the north-west of Spain – also known as ”The green Spain” – the wind is blowing in from the Atlantic, as you know it from the rest of Western Europe. Unlike the Mediterranean climate, this climatic zone is characterized by extensive rainfall with green, lush areas and a good constant wind. Because of the wind and waves, this region is world famous for its surfing beaches.

For many, the  main reason they come to Spain is because of the sunny weather. But besides the sun, Spain has lots to offer of experiences, ages and preferences. People from all over the world flock to Spain to lie on some of the famous beaches with some of the best chance of sun, you’ll find anywhere in the world.

Other people come to Spain because of its amazing nature and possibilities to explore some of the most beautiful areas of the world.

Whether you are to into exploring nature or just relaxing in the white sand, Spain is definitely worth a visit!


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